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Lally 8-1-23
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8-5-23, Vega Lally
Lally Flyer 8-7-23

Hi! My name is Lally and I am a 9-month-old, 60 lb spayed female. I am already housetrained and crate-trained. I am still a puppy so I should be crated when left home alone. I love chewing on an elk antler during my crate time!

I love everyone I meet including men and women! I am too much for small children so any kids in my home should be older and sturdy on their feet. I seek affection readily and enjoy snuggles. I will often curl up next to my humans on their chair when we’re winding down for the night. I happily accept pets all over and am okay with handling. I am friendly with visitors to our home although I sometimes need guidance to prevent me becoming overly enthusiastic.

I do well with other dogs and wouldn’t mind having a playmate, although I could also be an only dog in an active home! I have met a variety of dogs and got along with everyone, although I can be overwhelming for small dogs if they are not used to larger dogs. I love, love, love toys! I will happily play fetch with you—my favorite is my Jolly Ball on a tug rope! I have also spent time around cats and mostly ignore them after initial sniffs, so I would be okay with kitty siblings!

I enjoy car rides and will hop right in for the ride! I have been working on my leash skills and am doing well—I used to bark whenever we saw people or dogs out on walks; I have improved significantly although I still need reminded to focus when passing other dogs. I love going for walks in the park and would love a confident handler willing to continue my training! I know my basic commands and love to learn. I will jump up to sit on anything I can find: footstools, crates, trampolines… I love to jump and may be a good agility prospect! I do have a congenital abnormality where I am missing nail beds and some toes on my rear paws, though you would never know unless someone told you to look! I am a confident, happy, sweet girl ready to find my perfect adoptive family. Are you my family?


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Echo Dogs fosters dogs in many states east of the Mississippi. Visit our Newcomers to see more of our dogs. Transportation for the adopted dog is available. Remember, we are an all-volunteer foster rescue organization - we DO NOT have a physical shelter to visit. Our minimum adoption donation is $350. All dogs are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations and micro-chipped. Puppies under 6 months old may not be spayed/neutered. This would be the responsibility of the adopter at their own expense. Proof of spay/neuter will be required!

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