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We ask you fill out the below foster evaluation form once you have had your foster dog for two weeks. The two-week mark applies to heartworm positive dogs. If your foster dog has more serious medical issues (such as: broken leg, recovering from pneumonia, nursing puppies, etc.) that may impact their behavioral assessment, please consult your foster coordinator about when would be the appropriate time to complete the form.


The foster evaluation is used to:

  • Create a bio that accurately represents your foster dog on our website, broader pet adoption websites (such as Petfinder), and our Facebook page

  • Help the adoption coordinators suggest appropriate potential adopters for your foster dog. Please include as much information as possible, including the good, the bad, and the ugly!


When you submit the foster evaluation form, please also send at least two clear, quality photos of your foster dog that we can use in conjunction with their bio. Please email your photos to Rian at or text them to 412-999-0994.


Having good photos can make a huge difference when it comes to attracting attention from potential adopters!

Below are some tips for taking pictures of your foster dog:


  • Ideally you want a photo showing your foster dog’s face head-on, a standing profile photo, and at least one other cute photo that shows your foster dog’s personality!

  • Get down on your foster dog’s level to avoid off-angles

  • Use treats, toys, or make odd noises yourself to help get your foster dog to look at the camera

  • Have a second person or a tether to assist you in keeping the dog in one place for clear photos

  • Take several photos so that you have options to choose from

  • Take photos outside to take advantage of natural lighting 

Sample Head Shot
Sawyer Face.jpg
Sample Profile Standing Shot
Sawyer Stand.jpg
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