Welcome to the 2021 Echo Dogs Calendars! 


Our annual Calendar sale is one of our biggest fundraisers to support the ongoing medical needs of foster dogs in our program. Once again, we are experiencing technical difficulties with the Café Press store front. Instead of displaying monthly page previews for each calendar, Café Press repeats the cover photo on their product page previews. We had this same problem last year.


This year we have decided to take a different marketing approach and post all of our available calendars, including monthly page previews, on our website. There is a direct link below each calendar to purchase that calendar on the Café Press store front.  

*Do not worry about the page previews you see on Café Press, the calendars do print and ship correctly.


Thank you for your continued support of Echo Dogs!


The 2021 Echo Dogs Calendar Team

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White Shepherd Lovers calendar.
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Alex, Anna & Clyde, Fred, Kali, Sugar, 

Loki, Bunny, Paloma, Roger, Teddie, Jake, Kobi, Wolfen & Lakota, Ziggy


Callie, Elsa, Gibbs, Blitzen, Hercules, Ivy, Kaia, Lola & D, Sampson, Oscar, Rusty & Lucy &  Sasha, Seti, Shaylee & Meeka, Yeti


Dany, Fitz, Elsa, Kennedy, Elsa F., Glory, Hootie, Jemma & Jax, Kylie, Remus, Skye, 

Snowball, Kylie 


Ariella, Daisy, Diamond, Mosey, Nova, Stella Patronus & Molly Rhone, Storm, 

Summer, Turbo & Nora, Yoffi & Moey


Belle & Quincy, Caelan, Dante, Kona & Hayes, Logan, Mandy & Ada, Mia & Asha, Molley & Lady Bug, Paige, Skye & Remus & Dany, Sydney, Cookie


Callie Ann, Jasper, Kaleo, Keegan, Katie, Kimba, Kendal, Levi, Moki, Peyton & Bo, Pola, Stevie


Beau, Bear, Blitz, Willow, Hank, Cedar, Jasper, Landon, Layla, Shirley, Sierra, Wynston, Zoe


Fiona, Rex, Isabelle, Joey, Marley, Leia, Luna, Mahi, Mason, Mia, Salem, Snowflake, Stryker, Cheyenne, Wilson, Gibby, Zane


Adaline, Angel, Anna, Bonnie, Bryce, Adaline, Diamond, Angel, Dove, Lucky, 

Lincoln, Loona, Mika, Rudi, Finn, Sheets



Arlo, Lulu, Arti, Lily, Bailey, Bolt, Ivory, Casper, Marcus, Cedar, Don Diego de la Vega, Nova, 

Sabrina, Rocco, Samantha


Andre, Becky, Frankie, Dwayne, Enzo, Fern, Leia, Luna, Tessa, Nova, Snow, Thor


Cleo, Angel, Kiaria, Jamie, Josie, Link, Little, Squish, Sadie, Asha, Mia, Sol, Jake, 

Sophia, Surius, Stevie Ray, Alex, Wolf


Alicia, Astro, Peanut, Bear, Chauncey, Corey, Ghost, Sola, Holly, Isis, Jackson, Venus, 

Joni, Titan, Chachi, Moro, Maverick, Caelan, X, Jake, Venus, Peeka, Vixen


Alexa, Charlie, Andre, Autumn, Bigelow, Caelan, Callie, Bailey, Kylie, Onyx, Quincy, Reba, Skye, Ziggy

Casa de Hays

Bear, Caelan, Dwayne, Fiona, Rex, Kendal, Quinlan, Salem, Jake, Stormy, Yeti, Zane, Ziva

Order Calendar Casa de Hays at Cafepress: https://www.cafepress.com/echodogsrescue.605500112

White Shepherd Lovers Calendar 



Check out our White Shepherd Lovers calendar