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Blanca Flyer 10-23-21

Hi there! My name is Blanca and I am a 5-year-old, 65 lb spayed female. I am already housetrained. I am a special girl who will need a special home, so please make sure you read all about me before deciding if I’d be the right dog for you.

I have separation anxiety and need to be crated when left alone. I know exactly where to target on standard wire crates to bust it and break out, so my foster family has been working with me to accept a LUCKUP heavy duty crate which I have been doing better in when left alone. I will need someone who can continue helping me feel secure by myself.

I am scared of new people and take time to warm up. I have done better with women than men. I have shown no aggression and would much rather run away when I am scared. I will need a female handler in my adoptive home. I will actively seek attention from my foster mom and have taken well to laying next to my people on the couch. Due to my anxiety, I can’t go to a home with kids. Even with my chosen people, I am frightened by them holding bizarre things (Velcro and soda cans are evil…) or making quick movements. I’d prefer a quieter home with fewer visitors, although appropriate and controlled exposure to people to help my socialization would be ideal.

I typically do well with other dogs and have thrived being a part of a pack at my foster home. I feed heavily off of other dogs and will require another dog in my home. When I feel insecure I will lash out against my foster siblings with a growl followed by a snap if they don’t respect my growls, so my canine sibling will need to be confident, medium/large, and understand social cues. Initially, I would only seek affection after watching my foster siblings approach my foster family. Once more comfortable, I did attempt to guard my foster family’s affection but they made it clear quickly that wasn’t allowed and I have improved significantly—but regression is always a possibility after going to an adoptive home. I will happily play with my foster sister and she’s been teaching me how to play appropriately! I am also fostered with a cat and quickly learned to respect that she doesn’t appreciate me investigating her, so I could live with a dog-savvy cat. I do not understand toys and the squeaky toys are creepy… why do they sound like that? I will require a secure fenced yard as I am still a flight risk.

I take daily fluoxetine for my anxiety which helps a little bit and will likely need to be continued for life. My foster family has been working with me to learn sit, but I get confused easily and shutdown when I don’t understand what is being asked of me. Sometimes I will shutdown also when overwhelmed by being asked to come out of my crate or come in from the yard and one of my foster siblings has to help guide me. I have learned to walk amazingly on the leash. I wear a thundershirt during storms as they increase my anxiety. I am a diamond in the rough who will need a dedicated owner looking for a project dog and would be willing to help me learn how to be more comfortable in the world. Could you be that person for me?

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