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Bella2021 Flyer 6-26-21

Hello! My name is Bella and I am a 2-year-old, 56 lb spayed female. I am already housetrained.

My crate and I have a tricky relationship: I love having my crate set up in my home and will frequently go in to lay in it as my safe space. I am also accustomed to being closed into my crate while there are things going on around the house as long as my foster mom is home too. If my foster mom is leaving the house,  I do not want to be in my crate and will attempt to break out while vocalizing loudly. We have been working on my separation anxiety in increments while keeping me under threshold and I am up to 4 hours left unattended (out of the crate); however, there may be some regression when I am adopted.

I am anxious with new people and all interactions need to be on my terms, although I have started going up to sniff and investigate new people more regularly lately. Due to this, I cannot go to a home with children. If a stranger attempts to approach or touch me, I will growl, bark, and move as far away as I can. With my foster moms, I am comfortable being touched all over (including ears and paws) and will seek affection. I bond strongly to one person, so it is important that if I live with more than one person that everyone contributes to my feeding, walking, and care schedules. It took me several months longer to bond to one of my foster moms than it did my other foster mom. I am a gentle companion with my people. I would do best in a home where there are not visitors frequently, but I will also need to be exposed to new people frequently to continue making improvements as I have come so far already. My foster moms currently take me to the dog park, dog-friendly restaurants, and for walks around the neighborhood for socialization.

I have been working on my socialization with other dogs as well and have discovered I really like other dogs! Male, female, small, and large dogs! I would love to have a confident, playful canine sibling for me to follow his/her lead. I love my toys and chews and will happily play fetch! I have a strong prey drive and cannot go to a home with cats.

I am eager to please my people once I decompress and settle in. I know how to walk well on the leash, sit, leave it, wait, and recall. I also love to go for car rides and would love a hiking partner!

I am currently on daily trazodone and fluoxetine medications to help with my anxieties. While on these medications and paired with behavioral modifications, I have made a tremendous amount of progress. My new home will need to be comfortable continuing my medications for as long as necessary, which may be for the rest of my life. I am a wonderful project dog who will do very well in the right home… could that be with you?

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